Code & Standard Compliance Specialist

photo of Locan Bakker

Logan Bakker is a graduate from the University of Victoria’s Mechanical Engineering program. His professional specialties lie in advanced thermodynamics, numerical analysis, finite element methods and phenomenological modelling. Logan’s talents and work ethic led to him to graduate as the winner of the UVic Governor General’s Silver Medal, the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering Gold Medal and the Engineers & Geoscientists of BC Gold Medal.

Over his career, Logan has retained a wide array of work experience. He has worked in the pulp & paper industry, public transportation, electromechanical and hydraulic linear actuation and mathematical consulting. His analytical and detail-oriented approach has been an immeasureable resource for Accent. Energy efficiency and system reliability are two of Logan’s primary passions, which lends itself well for tackling the ever-present energy demands in the ice rink industry.

Logan is responsible for the detailed design work in Accent’s projects and is Accent’s code- and standard-compliance specialist. He also coordinates all of Accent’s construction, manufacturing and procurement processes. Whether working with suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, tradespersons, operators, designers, architects, inspectors, owners or other engineers, Logan brings a concise and flexible perspective to every design and every problem.