To add calcium to the system, connect the brine mixing barrel as shown. If there is a good level in the blending tank, open valve #3 until the barrel is 1/2 full. If the brine level is low fill the barrel 1/2 full with cold tap water. Turn on mixing pump with valve #1 and #4 open and valves #2 and #3 closed. Slowly pour calcium into barrel while vigorously stirring by hand or with an electric mixer. Stir until no sign of crystals remain and let the brine circulate in barrel for a few more minutes. To add to system open valve #2 and close valve #1. Pump brine mixture into system until barrel is nearly empty. Repeat process to add more calcium. If the balance tank is full and the brine is still too weak, some of the brine mixture will have to be drawn off and stored.

Image depicting how you would add calcium to a system.