Heat Reclaim Systems

The entire refrigeration process is based on moving heat from the area to be cooled to an area where the heat can be disposed of (typically outdoors). It only makes sense to harness this waste heat for useful purposes. At Accent Refrigeration Systems we are experts at reclaiming this valuable energy source. A large refrigeration system has the potential to provide thousands of dollars of free heat annually. Some of the typical uses for the reclaimed heat are hot water, space heating, under-floor frost prevention and snow melting, to name a few.

Dehumidification Systems

If you can control the humidity in your ice facility, you are one huge step toward creating ideal ice conditions. Humidity enters an ice facility through infiltration, incoming ventilation air, the opening of doors, from the kitchen and through the normal respiration of the people within the building.

Computer Control Systems

Most modern mechanical systems built today are computer controlled. A high-end refrigeration system with its variable component selection requirements naturally lends itself to the flexibility and infinite configuration available through a sophisticated computer control system. Tremendous temperature control, energy efficiency and reliability can be obtained with modern computer systems.

Energy Efficiency Products

An ice skating facility consumes a great deal of electrical energy during its normal operation. A typical community arena can consume between 600,000 and 2,000,000 kWh of electricity per year depending on the location, facility construction and operating profile. When you add demand charges and peak-load penalties to this, the costs can skyrocket. As a matter of fact, energy is the second-highest cost of operation, exceeded only by labor, in a typical ice facility.