Plant Evaluation and Energy Audits

Price: $4,750*
*Price does not include taxes, travel, room and board and any external analysis or testing that might be required.

Facility energy audit includes:

  • Evaluate general facility design
  • Evaluate HVAC and dehumidification
  • Conduct a refrigeration system survey
  • Evaluate existing component selection
  • Evaluate all components in operation
  • Evaluate complete system in operation
  • Check sequence of operation and staging
  • Review of utility bills and billing method
  • Review operator log books
  • Review facility operations procedures
  • Review ice making procedures
  • Provide two operator training manuals
  • Provide two energy-efficiency workbooks
  • Operator training (optional)
  • Analyze all data on return to our facility
  • Provide a complete report to include:
    • Equipment survey
    • Equipment longevity estimate
    • Safety improvements
    • Operational improvements
    • Energy improvements
    • Sequence of future upgrades
    • Budget for future upgrades
    • Comparison to similar facilities