Most new recreational facilities utilize computer control for their various mechanical systems. The ice rink refrigeration equipment is no exception. Tremendous temperature control and energy efficiency can be obtained with modern computer systems. It has been our experience that the manufacturer of the refrigeration system should supply the computer control system that controls it. We have seen too many occasions where a building automation system is installed and the control algorithms and programming are totally inappropriate for the operating characteristics of the ice plant.

Two general types of computer control systems are available. A canned system which provides enough inputs and outputs for all required points and a predetermined program with easy to follow set up and operational procedures. Usually the latitude of control adjustment is limited but effective for the average operator.

The second style of system is an open architecture, completely programmable style of controller. A refrigeration contractor with excellent ice rink control capability can squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of a refrigeration system with this style of controller.

The computer control system is able to accurately calculate the deviation from temperature set point that the ice is operating at and select just enough compressor capacity to recover without excess electrical consumption. Through proper programming the computer can determine which size of fan motor, brine pump, and compressor will be the most efficient for the present weather conditions and facility usage. Various programs can be run for hockey, figure skating, and public skating.

*Infra-IceTM infrared temperature control can be used to precisely monitor the ice surface temperature in order to catch any heat loads at their source. This style of computer system will provide you with the most consistent ice temperature possible. It includes a customized graphics package tailored to your facility. You will have the ability to monitor and control the system remotely from any PC. The system can be programmed to dial out in the event of a failure, reducing down time. Trend logging and graphing makes trouble shooting randomly occurring problems very easy

*Infra-IceTM is a product designed by Accent Refrigeration Systems.