Accent Refrigeration Systems is a comprehensive design and project management company. In 2015, on our 25th anniversary, we celebrated the many people who have helped turn Accent Refrigeration from a small refrigeration shop, working exclusively in Victoria, B.C., Canada, to a company who has worked on all five of the major continents and is world renowned for designing and installing the greenest energy sharing systems.

In the last 30 years, Accent Refrigeration received many awards including BC’s Exporters Award for sustainability, VAITEC’s award for environmental excellence, Frank Zamboni’s award for excellence in engineering, and the prestigious ASHRAE Technology Award for outstanding achievement in the design and operation of energy efficient buildings in new public assembles.

To win these awards Accent Refrigeration has designed and project managed the energy recovery systems for entire communities, public facilities, large geothermal systems, arctic resource extraction facilities, desert water extraction plants, cryogenic facilities, and indoor and outdoor ice rinks. Using this diversified design background, Accent Refrigeration specializes in designing energy sharing systems which utilize the excess heat from one location to provide heat in other locations. A prime example being an ice arena which can supply enough heat to completely heat 80 houses in the dead of winter for free!

Accent Refrigeration has the capability of using our multinational design experience to make sure a project is managed smoothly from the initial concept to ribbon cutting ceremony.