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Header and Header Trench Construction - Burried Header Trench

The main reason to install a buried header trench is a cost consideration. With the buried header trench, the time and material to form a trench and the supply of frost protection and trench covers are eliminated. With the elimination of the trench it is easier to make use of viewing area at the end of the ice rink.

The header trench can be positioned at any point along the ice surface, which can reduce piping runs to compressor rooms that are positioned along the side of the facility. The headers can also be placed under the boards at the end of the ice surface.

Brine leaks or blockages can be very expensive to repair, especially if they are in the heating floor. When the headers are buried there is no easy way to block off a leaking heating floor circuit or isolate a leaking cooling floor circuit while repairs are being performed.

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