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Among the courses that we conduct are:

The recreational ice industry is unique. It is a classical “fractured market.” Other than in the traditional winter sport regions, most communities will have very few, if any, ice surfaces, yet the industry is spread across the entire globe. The low geographic density of ice facilities makes community college training impractical and unavailable in all but a few areas.

The skill sets required to properly run an ice facility are also unique. The indoor operating environment is the reverse of many other indoor sports facilities. The intricacies surrounding the ice surface have their own set of complexities.

Many skills are learned on the job or are handed down from operator to operator. Over the years we have discovered that many of the handed-down information — such as the “correct” temperatures, humidity levels, operating pressures, etc. — have morphed into industry rules of thumb that are simply NOT correct for your facility and will cost you tens of thousands of dollars in efficiencies.

At Accent Refrigeration Systems, we are leaders in delivering solid educational material to the recreational industry. We have produced ice facility training material for nearly every major ice facility association, and we conduct annual training seminars providing the newest information around the globe.

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