Removing Air from the Brine System

Air is extremely harmful in a brine system. It will promote an aggressive rate of corrosion, causes cavitation in the pumps, and can displace brine to the extent that the brine will overflow down the drain. After the initial installation there should be no air in the brine system. However, if you have carried out some brine system maintenance or have had a leak, you might have a situation where air has entered the system. The proper installation of full size tees in the brine mains as shown in the lower left illustration is the best way to eliminate air from the system. The brine discharge service valve is only left open until all of the air has worked its way out of the system. Occasionally you might have to work air out at the headers. This method is shown in the right hand illustration below. The best way to do get the air out is to shut the brine pump off and let the air rise to the top of the header and release it at the header purge valve. This can take a long period of time and you will have to start and stop the pump many times to "Bump" the air into the headers.

Elimination of air via full size tees or header purge valve