Woodbridge, Virginia


  • New facility constructed in 2011 to replace former ice rink
  • NHL and Olympic-size ice surfaces
  • Premium-efficiency ammonia refrigeration system
  • Brine pump horsepower reduced to 1/3 through the use of pony pumps
  • Oversized chiller and condenser for optimal efficiency
  • Oversized condenser installed with VFD drive system
  • Integrated energy recovery from compressor cooling and oil cooling
  • 100% energy recovery with thermal storage
  • Four hot water energy recovery tanks installed
  • VFD installed on energy recovery system
  • Premium-efficiency Mycom M compressors
  • Arena-Logic computer control system
  • Two new arena floors installed with a tolerance of ½”
  • Variable frequency drive on pumps and fans
  • Average refrigeration plant energy consumption less than 750 kilowatts per day per ice surface
  • Energy consumption less than half of previous refrigeration system