Langford, British Columbia

Westhills Ice Arena Community Energy Integration


  • NHL-size ice surface
  • First outdoor ice rink convertible to splash pad in summer
  • Skating trail joins indoor rink to outdoor rink
  • Arena employs 100% energy recovery
  • First ice rink to share energy with an entire community
  • First rink in North America to install a Mycom 2M compressor, the most efficient refrigeration compressor in the industry
  • On-site geothermal field with self-charging energy storage
  • Thermal storage cells for both hot and cold energy
  • First desiccant dehumidifier to be totally powered by ammonia waste heat
  • Modified radiant heating system powered by waste heat
  • First stage of hot water provided by ammonia heat reclaim and second stage by custom-manufactured enhanced-efficiency heat pumps
  • Custom-manufactured heat pumps operate with a coefficient of performance (COP) greater than 10 (1 watt of energy entering delivers more than 10 watts of usable energy out)
  • Heat recovery ventilators provide large volumes of fresh air tempered by waste heat
  • Custom-manufactured heating and cooling units heat the entire complex with waste heat in winter and cool with high-performance ammonia air-conditioning system in summer
  • Westhills Arena is monitored and controlled by an integrated control system that allows energy to be effectively shared throughout the entire complex as well as with the neighboring Westhills Community ¼ mile away
  • All pumps, fans and compressors are monitored and controlled via BACNET and speed controlled by variable frequency drives