Fairfax, Virginia


  • NHL-size ice surface
  • Brine pump horsepower reduced to 1/3 through the use of pony pumps
  • Oversized chiller installed with electronic expansion valves
  • Oversized condenser installed with VFD drive system
  • Snow melt pit / refrigerant sub-cooling system
  • Under-floor heat /refrigerant sub-cooling system
  • Energy recovery from compressor heads and oil cooler
  • Energy recovery for building heating system
  • Replaced two 12-cylinder VILTER compressors with two 6-cylinder Mycom compressors
  • VFD drives installed on both compressors
  • Arena-Logic computer control system installed
  • New arena floor installed with a tolerance of ½”
  • Energy consumption reduced by half
  • Average refrigeration plant energy consumption is now 750 kilowatts per day