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2010, A Great Year for the Ice Industry

2010 has started out to be an exciting year in the ice industry with the overwhelming success of the Vancouver Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Congratulations to all of the organizers and volunteers who did an outstanding job welcoming the world and keeping things running smoothly. I spent a lot time in Vancouver during the Olympics and was amazed at how smoothly things ran. Congratulations to all the athletes who kept us entertained and on the edge of our seats for 17 days. At Accent Refrigeration Systems we were very proud to have had a chance to take part in our fourth Winter Olympics.

Accent Refrigeration Receives Third Environmental Award

This past year ended on a very exciting note for Accent Refrigeration Systems who were thrilled to be presented with their third Environmental award in one year. This third jewel in their environmental crown was presented at the Annual Manufacturers and Exporters Banquet in Vancouver where Accent Refrigeration Systems were named the top manufacturer of environmental and sustainable equipment. The annual awards banquet is put on by the Canadian Manufactures and Exporters Association. Accent was selected from a record field of over 40 nominees who brought a wide variety of sustainable products to market ranging from Green Building Analysis Software to advancements in Disaster Remediation. Accent Refrigeration Systems has been a leader in developing high efficient refrigeration systems and energy sharing systems for over 20 years.

Accent Refrigeration Partners with Langford, BC to build Worlds Most Ice Efficient Facility

This next year is also going to be another one of ongoing and progressive change for Accent Refrigeration. We have partnered with the town of Langford, British Columbia to build the most efficient recreational ice complex in the world. We will actually be moving our corporate offices into the new multi‐purpose facility which will include an indoor ice arena, outdoor ice arena, indoor dry floor arena, a children's indoor play zone, bowling alley, outdoor splash park, mini golf and two all weather soccer fields. Our new headquarters will include facilities for conducting classes in energy efficiency where we can test and demonstrate new products as they are developed. Many of the leading edge features will be covered in a newsletter later this year but some of the major innovations will include 100% heat reclaim, long term thermal storage, dehumidification powered entirely from heat reclaim, hot water heat pumps powered by heat reclaim, and integration into a district energy sharing system that will share heat among 6000 homes. The district energy sharing system which Accent Refrigeration is the lead mechanical contractor on will also be featured in another newsletter later this year.

Accent Refrigeration Systems are world leaders in Ice Rink Construction, Energy Efficiency and Heat Recovery. We have over 50 valuable applications for your waste heat. If you are planning on building a new ice facility or would like to improve the operation of your existing facility, give us a call and we would be glad to work with you to make your facility efficient and profitable. If you would like to learn more about our energy efficient facility design process we can be contacted at 1‐250‐478‐8885.

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