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2010 Olympic Ice Wall

As the Olympic Flame begins its historic 45,000 kilometer journey in Victoria on October 3oth, another Olympic event is under way that also had its beginnings in Victoria.

Victoria's Accent Refrigeration is in the construction phase of their sixth refrigerated art exibit with International Artist, Gordon Halloran.

The monumental refrigerated creation known as "Ice Gate" will be installed in front of Richmond City Hall as an official Gateway and celebration site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The site has been named "The Richmond O Zone" and is the epicenter for the Cultural Olympiad where Canada will welcome the world.

BC artist, Gordon Halloran, invented the truly Canadian art form called "Paintings Below Zero" which involves abstract artwork imbedded in Ice. Victoria based Accent Refrigeration Systems invented the process that enabled the artist to take his show on the road.

Their first major project together was in 2006 for the Winter Olympics in Torino Italy where Accent Refrigeration turned an entire mountain Cathedral into an icy canvas for Gordon Halloran to ply his craft. Over a three month period hundreds of stunning pieces of art were created and interspersed throughout the cathedral much to the delight of thousands of visitors from around the world.

Since Accent Refrigeration Systems developed a portable system for Gordon Halloran, the frozen artform has taken on a life of its own. Accent has now worked with Gordon Halloran to build even more creative and challenging exihibits in Italy, Toronto City Hall, Niagara Falls and Chicago. Every location poised new and interesting challenges. The venue in Chicago was similar to the Richmond O Zone in that it was also a refrigerated wall just under 100' long. The exibit named "The Museum of Modern Ice" had hundreds of thousands of visitors during its two month appearance in Chicago's Mellenium Park which made it Chicago's most successful outdoor cultural display of all time.

Richmond's "Ice Gate" being over 100' long will be Gordon Hallorans largest and most impresive exhibit to date. Given the high profile nature of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Richmonds warmer climate, every detail had to be considered when Accent designed the refrigeration system which will keep the frozen art in good form from December through to the end of the Olympic Games.

Accent's, Art Sutherland who has designed the unique refrigeration systems on all of Gordon Hallorans projects said that maintaining ice in the outdoors in a verticle plane where it is exposed to sun and wind is actually much more challenging than any of the indoor ice rinks that the atheletes are skating on which are in a much more controlled envirnonment. The Olympic spotlight is not new to Accent Refrigeration. In addition to building two venues for the 2006 Olympics in Torino they also designed and installed three of the ice rinks for the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.

International Award Winning energy conservation leader, Accent Refrigeration Systems are world leaders in Ice Rink Construction, Energy Efficiency and Heat Recovery. With projects around the world Accent's unique process will allow you to harness energy at a fraction of the cost of solar, wind or geothermal. We have over 50 valuable applications for your waste heat. If you are planning on building a new ice facility or would like to improve the operation of your existing facility, give us a call and we would be glad to work with you to make your facility efficient and profitable.

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