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Energy Sharing Systems

Within all our communities, there is a great deal of energy that is just waiting to be recycled and reused. This energy, also known as heat, can be found in many different places such as geothermal, municipal sewer systems, lakes, oceans, brewers, grocery stores, solar thermal systems, and ice arenas. Ironically, there is more heat wasted from refrigeration and air-conditioning systems than would be required to heat all the commercial and residential buildings around the world.

These energy sources can be integrated with local communities through a district energy system by the means of heat pumps, which can boost the heat from something as cold as an ice arena at -10°C (14F) to supply all the heat for a building or community center at 80°C (176F).

For example, ice facilities reject a tremendous amount of waste heat. A typical single-surface ice arena will reject between 15 million and 20 million BTUs per day. This is enough energy to heat 25 to 80 houses, depending on their location.

This being said, ice facilities are only one source of heat and any of the energy sources listed above can be used as standalone energy sources, but are often used in parallel to ensure the community’s energy demand meets the energy supply. These systems are called Energy Sharing Systems.

Engineering and installing Energy Sharing Systems is where Accent Refrigeration shines. We have spent years developing new technologies with the National Research Council of Canada and installing these systems allowing communities to operate with Net Zero energy. Furthermore, we have formed strategic partnerships with other district energy system world leaders in Europe, which has allowed us to share ideas, minimize payback periods, and ensure our clients receive the best possible product for every dollar invested.

In the last year, Accent Refrigeration has designed the Heat Sync. We are very proud of this product as it integrates all the best ideas of our previous designs and allows for a standalone unit which integrates any energy source with any heating needs up to 80°C (176F).

Accent Refrigeration’s Heat Sync

Accent Refrigeration's Heat Sync


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