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  • Ice Station South Africa
  • Flat Rock Outdoor Ice Rink
  • Westhills Arena
  • Suncadia Resort Outdoor Ice Rink

Ice Rinks

Accent Refrigeration Systems specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of premium efficiency refrigeration and energy recovery systems for the ice rink industry worldwide.

Accent has designed and installed rinks for the most prestigious events around the globe, including international hockey events, figure skating competitions and curling bonspiels, and has worked on three Winter Olympic Games facilities. When precise temperature control and reliability are your goals, Accent Refrigeration Systems is your team.

From the Northern Canadian Arctic to the southern tip of South Africa and from Italian mountaintops to the Mojave and Arabian deserts, Accent Refrigeration has installed systems in the world's most challenging environments. When you have a real challenge to overcome, Accent Refrigeration Systems is your team.

Accent's efficient ice rinks and heat reclamation systems have reduced facility operating costs to a fraction of what they were 10 years ago. In many recent cases, Accent has recovered 100% of the valuable refrigeration waste energy for use within the recreation complex and has even deployed it for heating within residential communities a quarter mile away. When energy costs are a factor (and when aren't they?), Accent Refrigeration Systems is your team.

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